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Behind The Bracelets Of BBM

Hello everyone , My Name Is Amelia aka "Milly" that is my nick name. I am so excited  your here to listen to my Shop Story. I am a driven young entrepreneur who wants every  Female
Feel Confident & Beautiful Wearing My Handmade Bracelet 🥰🙌🏽💕

From The Very Beginning Of My Entrepreneurship In Mid July I Began My Business Journey To be what Is Now My Most
Proud & Joyful Accomplishment . I Started With Little To No money I didn't know what to do but I've always known This Was My Dream Selling To Girls and making them feel Pretty Wearing Our Jewelry

By Faith I Saved Up Some Money To Buy My First Ever Jewelry Tools , and was so Eager To Be Successful In The Jewelry Business It’s Crazy , I Made My First Beaded Bracelet  Set At That Moment I knew If It's my passion  I Can Do ANYTHING & So Can You! 

I Enjoy  Making Jewlery For Girls Just Like ME I Would Absolutely Love Every Female To Feel The Prettiest Wearing My Products Affordable Prices and High Quality My Shop's MOTTO💕! 


Thank you for reading my sweetest regards , CEO Milly